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New Mom Checklist 
Get your ducks in a row before your ducklings arrive!

Nobody is ever 100% ready to become a parent! Making this life changing decision will likely be the biggest event you have ever prepared for, and it can be overwhelming…causing queasiness that rivals morning sickness!

There are a lot of valuable “check lists” to help you prepare for the items you will need for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, but before you work on a baby gift registry to ensure you receive the right baby monitor or breast pump, there are a few “administrative” items you should spend time checking off your list:


Review your company’s maternity leave policy and ask for HR assistance if you plan to apply for Employment Insurance.  For example, can you keep and use your company cell phone while on leave? There are some great resources at 


Research local Day Care options and get your name on waiting lists. Some have very long wait lists so this is something you will want to do ASAP.


Review your Employee Benefits Plan to be sure you can keep coverage such as health and dental in place while you are on leave. If not, consult a benefits professional to assist in a short-term plan.


Review your employer sponsored Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance and make sure to top off any short fall before the third trimester*.  It's quick and easy to calculate  the ideal amount of Life Insurance coverage that you need with our Insurance Calculator.


If you are self- employed or your employer does not offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or Disability Insurance, purchase your own Insurance before the third trimester*. We have convenient options that can be purchased completely “virtually”.


* It’s important to note that most Insurers will either increase your premiums or postpone your application if you are close to childbirth. Learn More

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