Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance 101

You don’t need to be an insurance expert, that’s our job, but it’s important to understand the basics. 

The amount of coverage you need really depends on your personal situation. As a general rule, to adequately protect your family, you will require six to ten times your annual salary in coverage.  Use our handy calculator to determine the right amount for you.


The monthly cost (premiums) will be influenced by gender (women typically pay less than men) and by age (the older you are, the more you will pay).  Another contributing factor is whether you are a smoker or non-smoker. 

Even those who enjoy adventurous activities and partake in recreational substances, have access to a plan that suits them. 


Through our partners, we offer term Life Insurance. It is ideal for situations when you know how long you require the coverage, such as for your mortgage or raising children.


Product Highlight:

  • All payouts are tax-free to your beneficiaries

  • No medical products available

  • Flexible payment options including annual credit card purchase or monthly pre-authorized debit

  • Premiums are guaranteed for the life of the policy

  • Satisfaction guaranteed- 10 days to receive full refund if not satisfied

  • Protection for periods of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years

  • Cancel or modify your coverage at anytime


Example of monthly premium for a $250,000 Life Insurance policy.

Male, Non-smoker, Age 35 - $22.95

Female, Non-smoker, Age 35 - $18.45


Heard enough and ready to get covered?

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