Who pays my Insurance Claim?

iClick Financial Services has partnered with numerous Insurance companies to provide you with Critical Illness and Life Insurance coverage.  Our partners have provided Insurance solutions for thousands of Canadians and are known for quick claims payment.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Known as a “living benefit” this Insurance plan pays a lump sum, tax-free benefit to the insured in the event you are diagnosed with a covered medical condition.

What is term Life Insurance?

You can purchase term Life Insurance in 10, 20 or 30 year terms.  Your monthly payments (premiums) remains the same during that term.  You can cancel your online Life Insurance policy at any time, however there are no refunds.  Upon death, during the term you purchased, your beneficiary gets paid.  Applying online is simple and convenient.

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FAQs for Critical Illness Insurance

How much Critical Illness coverage can I get?

We offer a completely online plan for $25,000 Guaranteed acceptance coverage with no medical for healthy Canadian and we have access to higher coverage amounts  if you are willing to answer some simple medical questions.  You can book a consultation with an Insurance Specialist to review options.

When will my coverage end?

Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage up to age 75.


Who is the benefit paid to?

Critical Illness is a “living benefit” and benefits are paid to the insured, no beneficiary is required.


When is the benefit paid?

Benefits will be paid once you survive 30 days from the date of diagnosis of a covered condition


Are there any restrictions on how the cash is used?

No! You can use it for anything.


Can I still work?

Yes. Unlike disability Insurance a Critical Illness Insurance payment is not based on your inability to work.


I have disability Insurance at work. Why should I buy a Critical Illness plan?

Disability Insurance requires you to stop working to receive benefits. Also, a disability plan generally only replaces a portion of your income. If you are diagnosed with Cancer (as an example) your expenses go up:

You may have to pay to travel for treatment (if not available near where you live). Childcare may have to be organized and paid for or your partner or family member may have to take time off work to help you and your dependents.  You may also have to pay for expensive prescription drugs out of your own pocket.


I have been declined for Critical Illness Insurance in the past. Can I still get this plan?

Being declined in the past does not necessarily mean you can’t be insured by our Critical Illness plans.  If you can satisfy the eligibility questions, then you can get covered.


Do I have to be working to buy a Critical Illness plan?

No. You do not need to be working.


Who is the Critical Illness Insurance plan available to?

Applicants under age 65 who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or have a valid work permit.


I own a company and my spouse is not currently employed. Why should I consider a Critical Illness plan on their life?

If your spouse gets Cancer (as an example) the effect on a household’s income is almost the same as if you were diagnosed with the condition. You may have to stop working to look after your spouse or you may have to travel with your spouse to get treatment or arrange for childcare.  But nothing happened to YOUR health so you cannot collect disability benefits and you cannot collect Critical Illness benefits on your life.


Do I need Critical Illness Insurance if I am single?
Yes. Recovering from a life altering illness requires time and energy and as a single person it is
particularly important that you have the resources to get assistance while you recover. A critical Illness
payment will allow you to afford the extra help you may need so you don’t have to rely on others.

I am a single parent. Does it make sense to buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Yes! You will need an influx of tax-free cash to help cover expenses and for help with your children.


I have Life Insurance. Why do I need Critical Illness Insurance?

You buy Life Insurance for others – so your family/partner is protected.

You buy Critical Illness Insurance for you – so you can financially afford to focus on your health and recovery.


How much Critical illness coverage should I buy?

The ideal amount is equal to a year off work. As an example: Keeping in mind the the payout is tax-free, if you earn $50,000 then a $30,000 policy is close to being able to take a year off work to focus on recovery. 

You also want to make sure the premium is affordable and fits within your budget.

Can I cancel my policy?
You may cancel this policy at any time by giving written notice.The effective date of your request to
cancel this policy will be the date the insurance provider receives your cancellation notice. If you cancel
your policy within 30 days from the date you receive this policy, any premium paid will be refunded to

What options do I have to pay premiums?

Annual payment by cheque or credit card or monthly pre-authorized bank debit.

How can I get more details on  Critical Illness Insurance coverage?

Book a virtual Insurance Consultation.

FAQs for Life Insurance


What happens at the end of the term you purchased?

If you want to continue your Life Insurance coverage at the end of your term, your monthly payments (premiums) will go up at the end each term.  So, every 10, 20 or 30 years.

Why is term Life Insurance so affordable?

Insurance companies only have to pay a claim on a term Insurance policy if the person passes away during the period they are covered for. Unfortunately, there are people who buy a term life policy but don’t renew. Those people are not covered with protection.  Don't be left without coverage.  Apply online today.

Why would I choose a Term 30 insurance plan?

If you want to lock in your lower term Life Insurance premiums for a longer period of protection, then you want to apply for a Term 30 plan.  The shorter the term you choose the more often your online Life Insurance premiums will go up.

What happens if I die while I am paying premiums?

Upon death, at any time while you are paying premiums on a term Life Insurance plan the insurance company, will pay death benefits to your beneficiary, tax free.  The only exception to this is covered in a 2 year suicide clause which states that no benefit will be paid if the cause of death is suicide in the first 2 years of the term Life Insurance plan.

How much Life Insurance should I buy?

The amount of coverage you need really depends on your personal situation.  Protecting your family is likely why you would buy online Life Insurance coverage.  As a general rule most people require 6 to 10 times the amount of their annual salary as protection.

What determines the monthly cost (premiums) of a term Life Insurance policy?

Gender – generally females pay less than males

Age – the older you get the more costly it is to buy term Life Insurance

Coverage – costs go up as you increase the amount of coverage (pay out) you purchase

Term – Although shorter terms start out costing less per month, if you renew that coverage you end up paying more 

Smoking status – term Life Insurance does cost more for smokers than non-smokers

Underwriting – not taking a medical exam makes things simple and convenient but may cost more

Can I name more than one beneficiary?

Yes, you get to choose how you want to split the death benefits.

Can I change my beneficiary?

Yes, you can change your beneficiary at any time.

Can I increase or decrease the amount of my term Life Insurance coverage (pay out)?

You can always decrease the coverage, however if you would like more coverage you will need to apply for a new online Life Insurance policy.

How long will it take me to purchase term Life Insurance online?

If you have all your documentation on hand, it should take no more than 15 minutes.  You can start your online Life Insurance application now.

What personal information do I need to buy term Life Insurance online?

You should have the following information on hand to fill out your online Life Insurance application

  • A piece of government issued ID that has your photo

  • Banking information to set up monthly payments


Does term Life Insurance expire?

Yes, most plans do end when the insured person turns 85.