It is extremely important to protect your investment  and your loved ones with enough Life Insurance to cover your entire mortgage.

Term Life Insurance means that, if a life is lost, your mortgage can be paid from tax free Life Insurance proceeds, which will allow the remaining family to stay in the home. Banks offer Life Insurance tied to your mortgage, but you can say "no" to the Bank-offered Life Insurance and be better served buying your own term Life Insurance policy.

We offer convenient, affordable, no medical exam, Life Insurance that protects you better than Bank-offered Life Insurance products. 


Our products are easy to understand, affordable and available fully online for as low as $20/month.

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Banks DON'T Know Insurance


  • Bank-offered Life Insurance pays the Bank the proceeds. Our policies let your beneficiary choose how best to utilize the money.

  • Bank-offered Life Insurance is tied to your mortgage and not portable. Moving your mortgage means you re-apply for a new policy at your current age and health status. Our policies stay with you.

  • Insurance offered by Banks cover the mortgage, so the coverage amount reduces with the mortgage, but payments do not reduce.  Our policies always pay out the full amount of the policy.

  • Bank-offered Life Insurance tends to cost more. Our policies save money and provide more flexibility.