iClick Financial Services


With over 25 years experience in the Insurance industry, iClick Financial Services understands the importance of the “less than glamourous” topic of Insurance.  While it may seem like something only older people need, protecting your family is important at all stages of life.


iClick Financial Services was born out of a sincere belief in the importance of protecting yourself and your loved ones during difficult times.  And, while that need has remained a constant, how and who buys Critical Illness Insurance and Life Insurance has evolved.


The pace of life has accelerated in the past decade and the use of online/digital services seem to be the only means of keeping up. Busy working professionals and parents in Canada, rely on the convenience of booking appointments online, making household purchases, including groceries online, and managing finances all with a few clicks.

If you can buy a new toaster with over-night delivery in a few clicks, you should be able to protect yourself and your family with Critical Illness and Life Insurance just as easily these days. iClick Financial Services believes that something as important as purchasing Insurance, should be convenient and easily accessible online to everyone.


Traditionally, people purchased Critical Illness and Life Insurance from an agent sitting across their kitchen table, then it evolved into fancy office visits, and most recently, some online Insurance products have been offered.  However, these online products require a phone conversation with a sales rep and in some cases, an extensive health questionnaire or medical exam.  Not exactly as convenient as ordering a toaster!

Our clients are often catching up on household chores late in the evening and need to be able to complete tasks and transactions with a few clicks. Nobody has the time to try and coordinate follow up calls, and additional paperwork. iClick Financial Services knows there is a better way to get the coverage you need from the comfort of your home on your schedule.  A lack of time should not be the reason people don’t have the basics to protect themselves and their family!