Your new bundle of Joy

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The joys of parenting are endless. The unconditional love you feel for your child is deeper and greater than anything you have ever felt before and you would do anything to protect her.

As soon you found out you were excepting you started researching and planning and by the time she was born you have a list of names, all the protective gear you could get your hands on and all the supplies that the books said your baby would need. You supportive friends and family have offered you lots of guidance and advice but there are some things that are must dos for new parents that aren’t always easy to think or talk about.

Whether you are raising a child with your partner or are a single parent, every parent needs to prepare a will that clearly outlining who you want raising your child in case both parents unexpectedly pass. Ensuring your child is raised in a loving home by people you respect and share values with is something that you can control and it’s your responsible as a parent to put that in writing.

The second thing is ensuring that your child is taken care of financial if something should happen to you. By purchasing an adequate life insurance policy your child can continue to be raised, by the surviving parent or third party, in the way that you want her to be raised. How much insurance you need should be calculated based on 50% of your annual income times the number of years your child will be dependent on you. Apply today.

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