Insurance starts with a Click.

The click of a pen as two lives are joined in marriage, the click of the door as you enter your new home, the click of securing your newborn’s seatbelt as you start life as a family…these are all major life moments that trigger our instinct to protect. Protect your loved ones with Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.

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We've got you covered.

Life Insurance is security for your family.  It is coverage that can pay a mortgage and or fund the costs of raising a family if one income is lost because of premature death.

Critical Illness Insurance is considered a living benefit, used to provide a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with over 24 life threatening illnesses including Alzheimer's, Cancer, Cardiac events and MS. A critical illness diagnosis and treatment creates tremendous stress for a family, stress that can be lessened with a cash payment.

We know that navigating insurance products can be challenging, so we are providing you with simple, comprehensive, affordable, no medical required, Life and Critical Illness Insurance…all fully online! 

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The Insurance provider you just Click with.

We consider ourselves the unicorns of the Insurance Industry! We have the experience and knowledge that comes with more than 25 years in the industry, and we are obsessed with bringing Insurance into a fully digital world.


We have saved you time and found partners that offers the protection you need with a simple and convenient (fully online) purchase experience and an outstanding reputation.


We have partnered with leading providers of online Critical Illness and Life Insurance to offer reliable, affordable, no medical required, Critical Illness and Life Insurance.  All from the comfort of your own home.

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We've Clicked all the boxes.

We take our role as your guide through the complex and mind-numbing world of Insurance very seriously.  Our products are easy to understand, affordable and available fully online.


       No medical exam or visit from a medical practitioner required

       Coverage from as low as $20/month


       Don’t pay until the second month

       Completely online purchase

       Cancel or modify your coverage at any time

       COVID-19 is not an excluded condition

       Coverage available even for those with pre-existing conditions and adventurous lifestyles

All you need to get life insurance online.

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Click at your own pace.

We understand your desire to make purchases on your own timeline, without the need to interact with a sales agent.  No offence to sales agents... we were traditional sales agents at one point, but we know that you need the convenience of a fully online product.  This means no unwanted sales calls and no medical exams*.

That said, if you want to kick it old school with personal contact and guidance through the process, we are happy to help.  Click here to connect with an iClick Financial Services Insurance professional.  

Peace of mind to fit every budget.