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Our condensed Insurance Mini- Course will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident about your Insurance needs.

Walk away with a solid understanding of basic Insurance principles and how to apply them to protect yourself and your loved ones. This super easy to follow course covers topics such as Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Mortgage Insurance and more.

What you will get inside the Insurance Mini Course:

Module 1 - Intro to Insurance (Value: $49)

Module 2 - Life Insurance (Value: $49)

Module 3 - Mortgage Insurance (Value: $49)

Module 4 - Critical Illness Insurance (Value: $49)

Module 5 - Buying Insurance (Value: $49)

Total Value: $245

Your Price Today: $37

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Individual circumstances may vary. You may wish to contact a licensed insurer’s representative or a licensed insurance agent if you need advice about your insurance needs.​*Pricing and medical exam requirements are influenced by age and health condition of the applicant. You may experience a delay in obtaining insurance if you are awaiting a diagnostic test or medical procedure of any type.​Currently available in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Canada​